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What Use do you have for church?

We tend to think that churches and church buildings in particular are just good for Sundays – but that is not the case. Today’s churches are becoming more and more the centres for increasing community activity. In fact that is the role they used to play a few hundred years ago when the social life of the community revolved around the church.

Even in more recent times – in the Welsh valleys – churches were being built at a rapid rate during the 19th century to provide a focus for the community. They provided school on Sundays for the children who worked in the mines, for example.

Michael Palin has recently produced a short video for the National Churches Trust called 50 things to do in a Church. Although describing himself as an agnostic he describes a recent experience he had in London when he was drawn to a church and experienced the peace and tranquility.

Here at SVB one of the big successes of the past two years has been the growth of the StorKies toddlers group that meets every Tuesday morning – in the church sanctuary.

What could our churches do for you?