Saying Goodbye

Innovating can be risky – because it takes us places we have never been before. But that is also what makes it so exciting.  It is the substance of faith – stepping out into the unknown.

That is how it has been with StorKies – a successful weekly programme for tots and their carers. Three ladies – Sarah, Yvonne and Sue have been pioneers in getting this started four years ago. StorKies is a weekly event on Tuesday mornings, held at St. John’s Church in Chipping Sodbury. Up to thirty or more tots come every week in what has turned into a kind of Messy Church (it sure makes the sanctuary look messy!)

Sarah Ledger has headed up the programme bringing her professional expertise in education. Now Sue is leaving – but the adventure continues. Our grateful thanks to her and many others who believed in it and were prepared to take the risk… Their faith and vision is being rewarded!