It is not often that I wake up feeling gloomy but after hearing the news this morning I realised that there is a heaviness around. It seemed quite fitting for Good Friday.
Everyone seems to be getting edgy on the international scene. Over the past few days we have seen not only plenty of sabre-rattling but also explosive action and reaction in Syria and Afghanistan. There is also North Korea hinting at imminent nuclear tests. And as the former British ambassador there commented ‘They don’t think like we think…’ Worrying! Sadly it is not just the North Koreans who seem to be so unpredictable…

Bishop Nick Baines had a very poignant Thought for the Day as he referred to the sombre reality of Good Friday, and the emptiness of the Saturday that follows. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and think of Easter Sunday just yet. We need to enter into the moment of the horror of suffering death and injustice. We also need to enter into the world of millions in our world today who are refugees from war and conflict, or the ravages of famine.

For Christians we know that Jesus has gone before us. Even on the Cross he had words of forgiveness for his captors,  and those who had betrayed him.

Let’s live in the moment of today, Good Friday, and tomorrow. A Christian Walk of Witness awaits in a few hours as the Christians of our town unite together to share solidarity with Jesus and all that he lived and died for – that we might be saved.