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charity fair poster

Charity Fair poster

We see our entire ministry as missional in intent and focus – as fulfilment of Jesus’ commission to us to go into all the world and ‘make disciples of all nations ‘(Matt 28:19). This extends from local ministry in the community to our nation – and to the whole world. This ministry takes on a variety of forms – many of them very down-to-earth and practical. Some very spiritual. But all channeling God’s blessings to a needy world. All declaring God’s love, faithfulness, grace and mercy. This page outlines some of the ministry activities and involvement that we have which extend beyond the walls of the church. For sake of simplicity we mark a divide between local/national on the one hand and international on the other – hence the two columns. We work with partners in most instances to accomplish this wide variety of ministries.

Local and National

  • Foodbank, locally, covers the immediate need for emergency food and support for residents of Yate and Chipping Sodbury in crisis. It is part of a nationwide network established by the Trussell Trust. There are currently over 275 local chapters.
  • Street Pastors in Chipping Sodbury is also part of a nationwide network. The church in action on the streets, Caring, Listening and Helping is how they define their mission. Most of their voluntary work is done on Saturday nights around the time that the pubs are closing – between 10pm and 2am. Street Pastors is an initiative of the Ascension Trust and was pioneered in London in 2003.
  • Traidcraft Shop  for all kinds of gifts and products (which also impacts international aid —>)
  • Regenerate is a charity supported by local churches and working in the schools of Yate and Chipping Sodbury. Their vision is ‘To be an agent of change, living out and proclaiming the good news, unconditional love and hope in Jesus Christ in order to bring wholeness to the children, young people and families in Yate, Chipping Sodbury and surrounding areas.’ Sarah Herrick has been raising funds for Regenerate by abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. Well done Sarah!
  • The Willow Tree Centre in Yate addresses issues relating to teenage pregnancy, miscarriage and sexual health concerns
  • Paul’s Place : the only charity specifically supporting adults with any physical, sensory and cognitive impairment in the Bristol area. Begun in 1995 it is for adults aged 18-59.
  • St Julian Trust Night Shelter, also known as the Bristol Night Shelter, addresses the issue of homelessness in the City of Bristol. They are dependent on volunteers and need all the help they can get to address the demand.


Come and Pray!

Every month we meet, under the name of Global Action, to pray for these agencies and our involvement with them. Praying for God’s work and those engaged in it is possibly one of the most pro-active things we can do. To work and pray is even better – but we cannot be personally involved with everything.

Normally we meet at the St John’s Church Centre on the third Monday of the month at 8pm. There may be some exceptions due to possible conflicts but we welcome you to join us in a single hour of focused prayer. Use Contact Us to confirm your interest.

Traidcraft stall in Chipping Sodbury Farmers Market


  • traidcraft products

    Traidcraft Products

    Traidcraft is a charity dedicated to giving traders in the developing world a fair deal as they endeavour to sell their products to the wealthier parts of the world. Traidcraft works with Fairtrade to promote fair prices for the products they sell. At St John’s Church there are many Traidcraft products for sale after the Sunday morning service. Read more about the local Traidcraft.

  • TPT logoTurning Point was started by Jon and Jo Parsons just over 10 years ago. Its aim is to give those families living in the poorest suburb of Nairobi – Kibera – new opportunities in life, an income and good education for their children. View informative video clips of their work on YouTube. Read their latest TPT Newsletter..
  • CMS has mission partners working in many countries around the world.  We are now  supporting Jimmy and Katia Rocks who leave in June for Florianopolis in southern Brazil where they will be working among young people and families. They are counting on our support both through our prayers and our gifts. Click here for a form to contribute to their financial support. Use their Facebook page to stay in touch.
  • MAF flies small planes in countries around the world as an auxiliary to national churches, mission agencies and relief efforts. Most recently they have been working to provide air support for the relief operation in Nepal following the two disastrous earthquakes that killed many thousand people.
  • Mothers Union works to support families both in the UK and overseas.