Have you ever wondered why people should want to run away from God? Usually we run from what we are afraid of. Or could it be that people are running – unconsciously? Is that possible? Perhaps it is some kind of knee-jerk response whenever anything about church or God is mentioned.

My suspicion is that people are afraid of the unknown. After all what would happen if we ran into the arms of God and he swept us off our feet? What would people think of me if they discovered I had turned ‘religious’?

journey into the unknown

Low Cloud at Dyrham Park

To be honest I am mystified. Knowing God and being loved and accepted by him is without any shadow of doubt the greatest thing in my life – and it has been for many years. Knowing the One who made me and who knows who I am, how I think and work, what my weaknesses are – yet loves me just the same – can’t really be a bad thing… can it?

What are you running from?