the heavens

A solar eclipse is a rare occurrence – and one that needs to be experienced. Amazingly, the shadow cast by the Moon is an exact fit – not too small that we see a ring around the edges – and not too big that we can’t observe the ring of fire from solar flares that suddenly become visible. Looking at it mathematically we discover that the Moon is one four hundredth the diameter of the Sun, and also one four hundredth of the distance between the Earth and the Sun. This makes it a perfect fit.

This suggests a Creator who planned this rare spectacle for our enjoyment. It is no accident.

I had the privilege of experiencing such a solar event in Bangkok in October 1995. It occurred during the morning. An eerie darkness settled – and a quiet hush – apart from the dogs that began barking. It was a darkness that was tangible, and out of this world. Today the people of the United States will witness an eclipse that sweeps across the entire country from west to east. The supernaturally aware may attach great significance to such a major natural event.

At least it is an event that can scarcely be ignored by those in its path.