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The Birth of Jesus - so what?

With our Nativity Crib Festival just a few days away it is good for us to be asking a few questions…

Why do we still make a big deal of Jesus Christ being born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago? And what difference does it make to us today? Besides, what does church have to do with it anyhow…?

For followers of Jesus his birth is not an irrelevant event from the past but one that also informs the present – and our futures. Our basis for this rests on the holy word of God, the Bible, that continues to speak to us today and guide our footsteps in terms of daily lifestyle, values and practical outworking of what we believe.

Church is for people who are followers of Jesus – his life, teaching and example. His birth heralded the arrival of a revolutionary new world order that is still with us today and continues to grow throughout the world.  When he was born wise men found him – and we believe that wise men, women and children still seek him today – and find great consolation, hope and reassurance in knowing him and the power of his death and resurrection, which we celebrate at Easter.

Church is for anybody who is drawn toward Jesus Christ and wants to meet with others who are also on the same journey of faith. They meet for praise and worship, and to learn more about God and his love for us as his children.

Our Sodbury Vale group of Anglican churches – known as a ‘Benefice’ – consists of four churches in the communities of Chipping Sodbury, Horton, Little Sodbury and Old Sodbury. Between them they offer a variety of services throughout each month, in an attempt to cater to a wide spectrum of types and ages. Some services are more traditional than others, while some cater to families. Our Storkies play group is for toddlers and their parents – mostly mums – and meets on Tuesday mornings.

Do contact us if you want to know more. We would love to get to know you and explore ways in which you might get involved – or if you have issues to discuss.

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