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Yvonne Welcomes You!

Yvonne Welcomes You...

Easter Sunday was a time of joy and great celebration again this year. The victory that Jesus made over death and evil is now behind us – but remains with us. It is something that we can enjoy every day – and that gives us hope. Shortly we shall be celebrating again – His Ascension followed ten days later by the Day of Pentecost which remembers the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Davis and Judith Bowers

A New Rector...

Good news! It has just been announced that Revd Canon David Bowers has been offered, and accepted, subject to due process, the post of Rector. Read his message to the Sodbury Vale churches. The Bishop of Gloucester will be licensing him on July 13th. We wish him well in this new position and look forward to having him on board.

Walk of Witness at Yate

Walking the Walk

The Good Friday walk was a very special event as people from churches in the area walked together from Chipping Sodbury to Yate. They walked behind the Cross of Jesus. The sun shone as we gathered together in the Shopping Centre to sing about God’s wonderful love in sending Jesus to die for us.

children playing mural

Giving our Children a Good Start

Aren’t children wonderful? That’s why we firmly believe in the need for providing them with quality education in the Christian context while building strong ties between education and church, We do this through three local primary schools, and also by taking weekly Open the Book sessions which the children love.


Pause for Thought....

Things you never hear in church:

  • Hey, it’s my turn to sit in the front row!
  • I was so enthralled I never noticed your sermon went 25 minutes over-time
  • I love it when we sing hymns we’ve never heard before
  • Nothing inspires and strengthens my commitment like our PCC meetings
  • Since we are all here, let’s start the service early…
children in church

SVB in the Community

The Sodbury Vale churches are very actively involved in the communities they serve. We not only host civic events but also participate in the major festivals. Apart from the schools we are also involved with the Yate Foodbank and Street Pastors who patrol the streets of Chipping Sodbury late on Saturday nights. Read a recent terrific Spectator article ‘What do you do when there’s drunken aggro after closing time?’ 

Front cover of Tyndale booklet

A Local Hero

In Sodbury Vale we have a very rich history. It is carried through the stately homes and historic sites – but also through our churches. St. Adeline’s in Little Sodbury is one such church, closely related to the Manor house and Sir John Walsh, a close friend and courtier of King Henry VIII. It was William Tyndale who was engaged to be their tutor in the early 16th century. While there he received his call from God to translate the Bible into English. Michael Stephenson has written up this story in a fascinating booklet St Adeline’s Church and the Life of William Tyndale (20pp)

Toy collection at StorKies in St John's Chipping Sodbury

Toys in Church!

That’s right! Every Tuesday morning StorKies meets catering to families with young children up to the age of four. There are heaps of toys to play with, and stories to listen to – together with Mum, Dad or with the team of helpers. Its purpose is to encourage literacy skills and social skills through playing together. See the Calendar for details.

Welcome to new-comers...

People are always moving into the area and are looking for a new church home. We warmly welcome you and invite you to contact us if you need help and cannot find what you need on these pages.

Weekly Notice sheet

A reminder! Weekly notice sheets that you may have missed can now be downloaded here

Next Sunday

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A beautiful Sunday morning begins...

A Welcome at the door

Enjoying a good sing!

StorKies play group

StorKies - an exciting new venture for tots

We support Foodbank

St Adeline's in Little Sodbury

Give thanks! God's creation on a Sunday morning

Children display shoeboxes for Christmas gifts

Coffee Time after Church

The beautiful church on the hill - Old Sodbury

We teach the Word

Needing Help?

Many in our community are in need of some kind of help. You may be one of them… If so we may be able to help you. We would be willing to pray with you and put you in touch with another agency that can offer specialist help. Kindly use the Contact form provided.

Foodbank box for collections

Our Partnerships

By working with other partner agencies we can achieve a lot more. Two of the local charities we partner with are Foodbank and Street Pastors. We also have international partnerships around the world. Go to our Missional home page for more complete details together with useful links.

try praying

Try Praying!

Bishop Martyn is encouraging us all to pray – especially in the 10-day window between Ascension Day (14 May) and Pentecost (24 May). The Gloucester Diocese has produced a special booklet that you can request for free. According to Nicky Gumbel of the Alpha Course praying is becoming quite a trendy thing these days.  It should also be as easy as talking to your daddy… To get started click here or read this article on spending time with God… You can also download a useful Try Praying app for your phone (IOS and Android). Pass it on..!


Happily we have a very active and increasingly popular local Foodbank to help families and individuals who are needing emergency help with food…

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Our Churches

SVB comprises four churches all within a few miles of each other. These include

Looking for God?

Most people come to a point in their lives when their spirit prompts them to search for something greater than themselves. Happily the Bible assures us that God rewards all those who diligently seek him. That is a promise – and it comes directly out of God’s word. (Hebrews 11:6)

christian literature

Christian Literature

Click here to see a variety of Christian literature available on line from popular Christian booksellers…

media feeds

RSS Feeds

A new feature are the RSS feeds from Fresh Expressions and Sheridan Voysey. Click here

media links

Useful Media Links

Many resources are now available on line. Click here to find links for video, literature, radio and other Christian agencies

outlook magazine

Outlook Magazine - online

The first issue of 2016 contains a wide range of interesting topics. All back issues also available


We human beings are made in God’s image and likeness and therefore should freely give our whole selves back to him… Read more

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We may all be busy people but we should be able to find time to listen to one another. Want to go first?

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